About our events

Our Beer Nights are not your typical formal tasting evening. They’re an interesting and relaxed night, drinking a curated selection of brews with other beer loving comrades. Each booking also includes a meal provided by one of our local partners.

You can see a list of our upcoming events and book your tickets below.


For the beer novice or geek, we'll choose a selection of beers that we feel best represent a style of beer and guide you through them so you can appreciate each for its own merit. This evening may give you the opportunity to try a style you haven't had before, or just allow you to enjoy the spectrum of beer styles all in one night.


For the discerning beer drinker, we'll delve deep into the underbelly (beerbelly) of our nation's favourite alcoholic beverage. Whether it's an evening based around a specific style or country, pontificating with brewers or pairing beer with some culinary delights, Curiosity evenings will be a fun, relaxed evening based around our beloved brews.