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Our shops have a range of taps with continually changing cask and keg beer to drink in, or take home in 1 or 2 litre sizes and occasionally 500ml bottles. We fill one-way disposable containers (included in the prices below) or reusable growlers, both available in store. Tap take home beer is best enjoyed as fresh as possible, ideally within 2-3 days.

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On tap now: Hitchin

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Burnt Mill | Beyond The Firs

Pale Ale, 4.8%, Keg

Extra Pale, Wheat, Flaked Barley & Carapils - Hopped in the whirpool with Columbus & Centennial then dry hopped with Columbus, Centennial & HBC431 for bright tangerine and grapefruit aromas, backed up with subtle piney bitterness.

£7.85 £14.70

Cloudwater Brew Co. | AW18 All Season Helles

Lager, 4.8%, Keg

Helles is a classic German-style pale lager, popularised in Bavaria. It is a style that is subtle, delicate and designed to showcase malt flavours, with a crisp finish and very little hop bitterness. A long lagering period is used to achieve a beer that is bright, clean and refreshing

£6.55 £12.30

Gipsy Hill | Swamper

Pale Ale, 3.5%, Keg

Swamper is a New England Pale Ale. All the body, all the mouthfeel, all the aroma and juice, a lower abv.

£6.90 £12.95

Hackney Brewery | Kapow!

Pale Ale, 4.5%, Keg

This little firework of tropical fruits is a juicy, dry hopped pale ale. A superb blend of big American hops that creates a bold distinct brew. It’s packed with pine, floral and pineapple hop flavours and aromas. A light malt base with a touch of dextrin malt, locks in the hop character and boost mouthfeel.

£7.45 £13.90

Hammerton Brewery | Crunch

Milk Stout, 5.4%, Keg

After 3 Months and 37 experiments, this Stout has what we consider to be the perfect ratio of peanut butter, lactose and biscuit. A massive hit of roasted peanut on the nose, followed by a silky-smooth mouthfeel and a sweet CRUNCH(!) as it goes down.

£8.10 £15.15

North Brewing Co | Transmission

India Pale Ale, 6.9%, Keg

This American style IPA is light bodied with a slight sweetness. Backed up by pine, citrus and tropical fruit notes. 

£9.25 £17.40

Pressure Drop Brewing | Alligator Tugboat

India Pale Ale, 7.2%, Keg

Simcoe is a hop that you either love or hate. It has a distinct earthy dankness that counterpoints the fruity aromas. Like an overripe fruit, or, and bear with us here, a musty locker room. Don’t let that put you off! It’s worth acclimatising the palate to Simcoe. This beer is a good showcase for it, west coast style bitterness keeps it from cloying and delivers the hoppy goodness with balance.

£11.15 N/A

The Kernel Brewery | Bière de Saison Mandarina Bavaria

Sour, 5.4%, Keg

A blend of Saison fermented with a mixed culture, aged in Burgundy and Cognac barrels for 9 months, dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria.

£9.00 £16.95

Unity Brewing Co. | Collision

India Pale Ale, 6.2%, Keg

Combining the soft honeyed notes of spelt malt and the fruity and dank flavours of Mosaic and Zeus hops, Collision represents the South Coast in the best way they know how, with a juicy, modern IPA full of character.

£8.60 £16.10

Unity Brewing Co. | Nocturne

Porter, 5%, Keg

Taking cues from traditional British and European brewing and hurtling them into the 21st century, Nocturne is our modern take on the classic porter. Dark, rich, and smooth mashed with six different malts including a healthy dose of pale chocolate, lightly hopped with Columbus and fermented on our house yeast blend.

£7.20 £13.45

Verdant Brewing Co. | Strongest Of The Strange

Pale Ale, 5%, Keg

A 5% pale with a stripped back grain bill but hopped up with the classics: Simcoe, Columbus, Chinook & Centennial. Soft, juicy & dank, just how we like it!

£8.60 £16.10

Burning Sky | Plateau

Pale Ale, 3.5%, Cask

Pale gold in colour, with a crisp malt edge and sharp bitterness. Plateau has been hopped at different stages of the brew, with a big mix of US & NZ hops to satisfy the discerning drinker. Full in flavour, zesty, refreshing & low in alcohol.

£4.95 £9.30

Oliver's Cider and Perry | Traditional Cider

Dry Cider, 6%, Cask

Still. All the sourness, bitterness, acidity and astringency you would expect from a fully fermented dry cider. Perfectly balanced, so easy to drink and great with cheese and roast pork.

£7.25 £13.70

SeaCider | Medium Sussex Cider

Medium Cider, 4.6%, Cask

A higher volume of Gala Apple juice is added to create a pleasant Medium Cider with a great Apple flavour and a moreish finish. Our best seller and always a crowd pleaser both at the local Pub and at home. This easy- drinking Cider would be perfect paired with a Barbecue, some Friends and some blues.

£6.80 £12.75

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Tap empty

More beer coming soon!




Cask ale undergoes secondary fermentation in the barrel. Fresh live beer is put straight into the barrel where it remains alive and kicking until it lands in your glass. Cask ale is considered to be 'Real Ale'.


Keg beer uses pressured carbon dioxide to dispense the beer. It’s served colder and generally more carbonated than cask ale. Some kegs undergo secondary fermentation in the barrel the same as cask ale. Kegs suit many styles of beer including lagers, pale ales and sour beers.


The prices above include one way takout bottles. We can also fill reusable Growlers from our taps if you bring one in, or you can purchase a Beer Shop Growler in store. The discounts are £0.30 for 1 litre, and £0.50 for 2 litre quantities.