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Our shops have a range of taps with continually changing cask and keg beer to drink in, or take home in 1 or 2 litre sizes and occasionally 500ml bottles. We fill one-way disposable containers (included in the prices below) or reusable growlers, both available in store. Tap take home beer is best enjoyed as fresh as possible, ideally within 2-3 days.

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On tap now: Hitchin

1 Litre

2 Litres

Bubble Works Brew Co | Imperial NY Cheesecake Stout

Pastry Stout, 10.2%, Keg

We brewed a liquid version of our favourite dessert.... New York Cheesecake! This Pastry Stout was brewed using Madagascan vanilla pods in the mash and post fermentation with a large proportion of Biscuit Malt and the addition of Lactose. A portion of this beer is being turned into beer ice cream courtesy of Fabios gelato, Hitchin. 

£14.10 N/A

Cloudwater Brew Co. | IPA

India Pale Ale, 6.5%, Keg

Juicy, soft and full of ripe tropical fruit flavours from a blend of hops and aromatic yeast, this IPA is our modern take on a classic style. Showcasing hop flavours and yeast esters against a big body from high protein malts, to replicate the mouthfeel of tropical fruit, this beer finishes with a low bitterness to let the hop aromas and flavours linger on your palate.

£9.90 £18.55

Gamma Brewing Co | Purp

Sour, 5%, Keg

Fruit Sour with Rhubarb and Blackberry

£10.45 N/A

GlassHouse Beer Co. | Drawing The Sun

India Pale Ale, 5.8%, Keg

Citra, Mosaic NEIPA. Juicy, smooth peach/nectarine with a rounding bitter finish.

£8.60 £16.15

Orbit Beers | Tzatziki Sour

Sour, 4.3%, Keg

Get ready for the return of the Tzatziki Sour!! Berliner weisse influenced kettle sour, inspired by Head Brewer Pauls double summer holiday to Brussels, Belgium and Symi, Greece. A mildly tart sour beer emulating the flavours of the classic Greek yoghurt dip. A clean, vibrant, and zingy summer refresher. Originally brewed by Paul at Mad Hatter, we decided to bring the beer back to life down in South London! Straw yellow colour, hazy, white foamy head with aromas of cucumber, mint, yoghurt and lemon & lime citrus with light malt character. Creamy smooth mouthfeel but mildly tart lactic sourness. Light & dry finish with mellow bitterness and soft to medium carbonation

£7.50 £14.10

Tegernsee | Hell

Lager, 4.8%, Keg

The typical Bavarian light beer. Brew according to the Bavarian purity. Crystal-clear mountain spring water, selected raw materials, a thousand-year-old bridal tradition, dating back to the Benedictine monastery Tegernsee, founded in 746, guarantee a wholesome beer.

£7.10 £13.25

The Kernel Brewery | Dry Stout Centennial Columbus

Stout, 4.6%, Keg

Immaculate Stout from The Kernel that sees notes of coffee, chocolate and roasted malts expertly blended with a light and subtle hoppiness leading to a balanced bitter finish.

Hops: Centennial & Columbus.

£6.55 £12.30

The Kernel Brewery | Pale Ale Simcoe

Pale Ale, 5.3%, Keg

A clean and rounded malt base showcasing the finest hops from around the world.

Hops: Simcoe

£7.60 £14.30

Verdant Brewing Co. | Allen

Double India Pale Ale, 8.0%, Keg

Previously known as "HOWL" until December 2018.

Malts: Golden promise, Extra Pale Ale, Oats, Carapils, Vienna
Hops: Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic
Yeast: London Ale III

N/A £14.90

Kenitish Pip | Craftsman

Medium Dry Cider, 5.6%, Cask

Our special version of a traditional cider is an award winning blend of Kentish dessert apples and specifically grown cider apples. The result is a sublime balance of fresh apple flavour, medium dry, with complex notes and subtle bitter tannins. Recent Awards Winner of Kent Cider of the Year 2016 at The Taste of Kent Awards Great Taste Two Star Award 2016

£6.55 £12.35

Siren Craft Brew | Suspended In Amarillo

Pale Ale, 4%, Cask

Suspended in… beers are an experimentation of hop rotation and different ingredients to create varying flavours and combinations from what is essentially the same beer. The beers often serve to highlight the wonderful little differences in flavour.

£5.00 £9.40

Tring Brewery | Daisy Cutter

Amber Ale, 4%, Cask

Munich malt makes up the entire grist of this amber coloured ale and gives wonderful bready flavours. Huell Melon hops, a daughter of Cascade, provide intense fruit with flavours and aromas of honeydew melon and strawberry.

£5.00 £9.40

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Cask ale undergoes secondary fermentation in the barrel. Fresh live beer is put straight into the barrel where it remains alive and kicking until it lands in your glass. Cask ale is considered to be 'Real Ale'.


Keg beer uses pressured carbon dioxide to dispense the beer. It’s served colder and generally more carbonated than cask ale. Some kegs undergo secondary fermentation in the barrel the same as cask ale. Kegs suit many styles of beer including lagers, pale ales and sour beers.


The prices above include one way takout bottles. We can also fill reusable Growlers from our taps if you bring one in, or you can purchase a Beer Shop Growler in store. The discounts are £0.30 for 1 litre, and £0.50 for 2 litre quantities.