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Our shops have a range of taps with continually changing cask and keg beer to drink in, or take home in 1 or 2 litre sizes and occasionally 500ml bottles. We fill one-way disposable containers (included in the prices below) or reusable growlers, both available in store. Tap take home beer is best enjoyed as fresh as possible, ideally within 2-3 days.

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On tap now: St. Albans

1 Litre

2 Litres

Burnt Mill | Unite 2019

Saison, 6.6%, Keg

Brewed as part of International Women's Collaboration Brew Day 2019. Pale, Wheat, Munich & Flaked Barley make up the grist that was whirl-pooled with smoked citrus fruits and rosemary then dry hopped with Whitbread Goldings for spicy herbal character thats compliments the yeast profile of pepper and cloves.

£8.20 £15.35

Omnipollo | Maz

Pale Ale, 5.6%, Keg

Maz, formerly known as Mazarin, is my take on a “thinker’s beer”. Rather than being big and indecipherably complex I wanted to create something that would calm a hop yearning nerve without fuddling the brain too much. In other words, a lavishly hopped ale of judicious ABV — an Extra Special Pale Ale if you will.

£10.95 £20.45

Partizan Brewing | Porter

Porter, 5%, Keg

Deliciously dark and medium dry with notes of caramel, coffee, milk chocolate. A great representation of a true London Porter!

£7.10 £13.25

Pressure Drop Brewing | Before You Laugh...

Wheat Pale Ale, 5.6%, Keg

One man, with wellies and a vision. That’s our brewer Craig.
A flag waver for both European styles and hoppy pales, Craig had a long-held vision for a hopped up wheat beer. In Before You Laugh, the vision becomes fruity reality. Before You Laugh celebrates all of the best qualities of a wheat beer and a pale ale. In one corner, Citra and Amarillo bring a New World hop profile, and in the other, a grist that is all about that wheat, bringing plenty of banana and clove esters to the party.

£9.00 £16.85

Spaten Brewery | Oktoberfest Bier

Oktoberfest, 5.9%, Keg

An Oktoberfest inspired golden lager. Soft caramel and bready malts are accompanied by grassy hops in this clean and crisp beer that was introduced in 1872.

£7.60 £14.30

Track Brewing Co. | Bluzon

Imperial Gose, 10%, Keg

Bluzon. A twist on our Uzon recipe. Absolutely jam packed with Blueberries, Blackberries & Raspberries and with the added additions of Vanilla & Milk Sugar to balance out that beautiful tartness. This behemoth clocks in at 10% but drinks like an autumnal dream.

£15.95 N/A

Wild Horse Brewing Co. | Tramcar IPA #3

India Pale Ale, 6.5%, Keg

This is our tribute to the iconic Llandudno Tram which carries thousands of pleasure seekers from the town to the summit of the Great Orme each year. Tramcar #3 is an India Pale Ale brewed with Simcoe hops.

£9.50 £17.85

North Brewing Co | Pale Citra & El Dorado

Pale Ale, 4.1%, Cask

A pale ale brewed with American Citra & El Dorado hops.

£7.55 £14.25

Tring Brewery | Chinook Mild

Mild, 3.8%, Cask

Mild English Ale hopped with American Chinook Hops.

£4.85 £9.15

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Cask ale undergoes secondary fermentation in the barrel. Fresh live beer is put straight into the barrel where it remains alive and kicking until it lands in your glass. Cask ale is considered to be 'Real Ale'.


Keg beer uses pressured carbon dioxide to dispense the beer. It’s served colder and generally more carbonated than cask ale. Some kegs undergo secondary fermentation in the barrel the same as cask ale. Kegs suit many styles of beer including lagers, pale ales and sour beers.


The prices above include one way takout bottles. We can also fill reusable Growlers from our taps if you bring one in, or you can purchase a Beer Shop Growler in store. The discounts are £0.30 for 1 litre, and £0.50 for 2 litre quantities.